Sexy Female Pirate Costumes – 5 Accessories to make a Pirate Women Costume Look Super Hot

Female pirate costumes are undoubtedly probably the most popular Halloween outfits for ladies and are available in most variations. Probably the most generally seen genre of pirate women costume at fancy dress outfits parties across the nation would be the sexy pirate costumes.

Sexy female pirate costumes usually contain a brief small dress yourself in design for a tunic and petticoat. These kinds of pirate women costume might or might not include other accessories like a belt, some boots along with a pirate hat, with respect to the kind of outfit you opt for.

You will find certainly some attractive female pirate costumes offered by specialist fancy dress outfits websites online, but the probability is that for your pirate women costume to appear really hot you will have to purchase some awesome accessories.

Here we take a look at five such accessories for sexy female pirate costumes.

Caribbean Pirate Wig with Suede ‘Do Rag

In case your outfit doesn’t have a pirate hat then have no fear, for me a pirate wig looks much more convincing anyway. Someplace Sunny And Warm pirate wig posseses an attached suede ‘do rag, which really sets off your costume well.

Sequin Pirate Eye-patch

Obviously, every pirate should have a watch-patch, however a sexy pirate will need an attractive eye-patch. The sequin pirate eye-patch is really a glittery eye-patch that appears great, and can not cost that your main outfit’s budget.

Pirate Pistol

Possibly an optional extra, as opposed to a should have accessory, but there’s without doubt a pirate pistol will prove to add that little something for your costume. Surprisingly, there are several really authentic pistols available, that are very affordable.

Pirate Maid Pouch Handbag

Every sexy pirate lady needs somewhere to put her party treasures, for example her mobile phone, lipstick and spare change, what will you use if you wish to remain in character? A brown pouch, including a skull and crossbones patch around the front, is ideal for the task. These themed handbags have red drawstrings to shut the bag.

Sexy Pirate Boots

Associated with pension transfer costume, sexy female pirate costumes do take advantage of getting the right searching footwear. You are able to really buy a set of sexy pirate boots which include the skull and mix bones quietly. These black leather boots, that have an internal zipper and front laces, are a great way to accomplish your outfit.