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Your Enterprise And Mobile App Testing.

With the advancement of the mobile technology and the advent of smartphones, more and more people are using the mobile device for the purposes of accessing the internet and communication. Statistics shows that in the future, the number of individuals using mobiles to access the internet will be more than the number of people who use the laptop or desktop for the same purpose.

Since all app developers want their apps to be the best among customers, the increase of smart phone popularity has led to the increase of competition among app developer. The best way to make your mobile app a favorite among customers and to get profit is through global app testing of the developed app before launching for the public. This is done in order to correct any glitches that may contribute to dissatisfaction among customers.

To conduct the process of app testing, you have to follow certain procedure which are simple but effective and can save you time. These strategies can help you in enhancing customer base for your app and earn profit from the loyal and satisfied customers.

Determine the devices which are popular. A developer must first know the hottest devices in the market. This helps you in creating an app that is compatible with these devices and the test them accordingly. You must also be far sighted to be able to tell the devices that will become popular in future.

Legacy mobile phones. A few devices take over the market and establishes a place within customers by their own right. Although such mobile phones may no longer be in the market, they still remain the favorite among customers.

Thinking globally. Ensure you also have the global market in mind when you want to test your mobile app. The more your enterprise grows, the more you customer base grows. The growth is not limited to your country only. Therefore you need to test the app in a manner that your global customers will be satisfied with your services.

Size matters. Statistics show that the number of individuals using the smart phones will be around 24 billion by 2020. There will be a surge in the types of devices with an increase in customers. When testing for developed apps, you will have to consider the resolution and size of screen of these devices. Devices like apple watch, Samsung gear, Google glass must also be kept in mind since they can also be used for accessing apps.

Android and iOS. This is a persistent factor that every developer needs to put into consideration. Although most of the app users use android, global survey shows that about 50% of time used in app testing is dedicated to iOS apps every year.

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